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Hispaniola Mountain Ministries

HMM seeks to see true change that only comes through Jesus Christ by partnering with local pastors and churches in the Dominican Republic and Haiti to encourage their communities, equip their leaders, and empower other pastors.


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Becoming a ChangeMaker

We are excited to offer this opportunity as an easy and consistent way for you to support the ministry of HMM on the island of Hispaniola. 

It’s simple and secure. 

Just sign up your credit or debit card, and when you make purchases, the charge is rounded up to the next dollar as a donation to HMM. It’s like throwing in the small change from your purchase to make BIG change on the island.

What Will Money Go To?

The Change Maker program will help feed children, pay teacher salaries, support pastors and churches, and much much more in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Each month HMM provides 1000’s of meals, supports Haitian and Dominican teachers in our schools, and supports partner pastors and churches to bring CHANGE through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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